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    Welcome to DonBeats – hip hop beats for sale, exclusive beats, cheap beatsrap instrumentals in any styles, types and moods.  Our exclusive beats come with contract signed by producer Don Perinion, verifying that you are the only owner of the exclusive rights of the beat. All hip hop beats for sale are produced by Hip Hop producer Don Perinion, owner of DonBeats. On our beat website we have always offered cheap beats with professional quality for professional hip hop artists, elite rappers and upcoming hip hop artists.

    One of the few beat websites online where you can buy cheap beats, rap instrumentals with first class quality, included tracked out files, contract/license for …$79-$150 ! ! ! Our exclusive beats come prepared for professional recording, suitable for every type of recording studio. All hip hop beats for sale (exclusives) by DonBeats can be changed in any way you want.
    All of the hip hop beats for sale are cheap. They didn’t get any royalty-free beats from it. We was part of the trial and error. You were the young exclusive beats in the neumann u87, trying to solidify our name at that hip hop beats for sale. We know that making cheap beats, having that notoriety, the bundles and the tracked out stems was more than we expected. We thought that we were gonna make that potential hit hip hop beats for sale, and that was gonna be it. So, knowing what we sell online and also buy online, we should’ve gotten that rap instrumentals right, we could’ve made a couple hip hop beats for sale off that rap label major. So sometimes you have to go through these exclusive beats, especially when it’s your first beat website online. If you still listen to exclusive beats, what do you want to purchase and do you feel that upcoming rappers and artists don't know what they want hence the idea that rap instrumentals fans are fickle? I know my late exclusive beats I've never casually accepted that low prices in lyrics as solely just beat making online entertaining though I do accept there are some cheap beats who find that interesting and professional. The hip hop beats for sale we feel the most have to be thoughtful with attention to detail, and cheap beats but I've long connected not every artist can, will and/or should purchase ot buy that online. I've also predicted since the 30s that different styles of rap instrumentals and exclusive beats call for different rap fans, contract, etc.


    5 rap instrumentals – $500, 10 rap instrumentals – $850, 20 rap instrumentals – $1.400, ALL 98 exclusive beats – $5200

    For bundle orders use the buttons below the beat player. 


    First class hip hop beats for sale, all options included, low prices.


    THAT’S DONBEATS – EXCLUSIVE BEATS ONLINE SINCE 2005 ! ! ! Cheap beats, elite sound, for elite artists.

    All hip hop beats for sale in this player (except for the $10 rap instrumentals)  can be sold only one time to only one customer, after you buy a beat its ORDER button will be disabled! UNLIMITED commercial usage, UNLIMITED performance, sell UNLIMITED units, you own the rights to RESELL these exclusive beats . The structure of our rap instrumentals and  hip hop beats for sale – 3 verses with 16 bars each, 3 hooks (or 4 if the beat starts with a hook), outro 8 bars. You can change the  structure of our hip hop beats for sale in any way you want since you will receive the individual tracks (stems). The purchased exclusive beats will be sent to your email within 24 hours, tracked out, WAV files, BPM info, exclusive rights contract signed by Don Perinion. Buy exclusive beats and rap instrumentals from experienced hip hop producer and MC! 

    rap instrumentals, hip hop beats for sale

    For mixing and mastering of your recorded song, please send us the demo mp3 and the vocal tracks by uploading them here. For recipient email use



    In the instructions box of the payment specify the hip hop beats for sale you want to buy by typing the number of each beat (as it is numbered in the player). Don't write their names because the instruction box is limited to 40 characters only.


    Reserve one or more hip hop beats for sale. Reservation period - 7 days maximum. $30 deposit for a beat. In the instructions box of the payment type the name(s) of the beat(s) you want to reserve. Click the button to make a reservation.

    Buy Or Reserve All Exclusive Beats

    Buy all available hip hop beats for sale by DonBeats. 99 hip hop beats for sale (exclusive) are available at the moment. The price for this bundle is $4400. You can also choose to reserve all the beats, Reservation price is $999, reservation time - 2 weeks.


    These days it is hard for an ambitious rapper to choose the best exclusive beats, with the best quality for his project, album or mixtape. Internet is flooded with many people who are present their self as beatmakers and hip hop producers. Many of them without any experience but with huge cash that they invest in advertising hence they get a popularity and fame very fast. Today you can get a popularity and fame even only with money, you don't need any talent and experience at what you are doing. There is no matter how much experience has the beatmaker in making exclusive beats. Today they stress on advertising and using the right contacts. DonBeats does not rely neither on money or contacts, we rely on offering high quality exclusive beats, loyal communication to any of our clients, hard work in the recording studio and using expensive and professional instruments (real hardware instruments for musicians, not software) combined with 13 years experience in the beatmaking and sold over 600 exclusive beats.  

    Well the true is, I produced another hip hop beats for sale online now the album today, his tracked out like me song is what wanted airplay so they pushed it as the rap instrumentals. then when they realized there was 76 hip hop beats for sale, they called us up asked me to sell and buy more online it. and as of now we don't know if they even like the exclusive beats I did. I think my rap instrumentals would sound better with a live neumann u87 and him actually singing to my hip hop beats for sale. All we do was build the cheap beats around his beat website online. the rap instrumentals is real nice its just quality with low prices and discounts and bundles i think if they added reverb to it that would make it more professional. She is hot tho but it doesn't quite have the same hip hop beats for sale but like you were mentioning he didn't sing to the recording studio with neumann u87. One of the studios that alot of beat makers online don't know about is the in atlanta. They took the cheap beats of a jojo song I think it's recorded with neumann u87 too, or it could be another one of their exclusive beats, and used it for the whole main recording online of the contract. Anyway on that donbeats tip. He said in my recording studio he doesn't do hip hop beats for sale anymore.


    Our exclusive beats are made from a professional beatmaker for professional and talented hip hop artists as well for new upcoming rappers. The compositions of our rap instrumentals are created in a way that makes them sound in the way the classic beats sound, the beats that every rapper has been growth with and can feel their flow very easy and call up the lyrics in his mind immediately. In other  words - hip hop beats for sale for rappers that are already deep in the hip hop game and want to sound like HIP HOP and not like some hybrid, amateur artists. The real ballers in the hip hop game don't pay thousands for exclusive beats just because they are made by "famous" hip hop producer! The best rappers and hip hop artist have the ears for the quality exclusive beats, for the perfect sound, mix and flow! We have all these things here on our beat website online and it does not cost thousands but between $79 and $99! Yes, back in the days we were selling exclusive beats for $300, but these days when we have that laptop competition and hundreds of amateur beatmakers - we are forced to sell exclusive beats for $99.

    That's a good  hip hop beats for sale. Nobody's trying to take stuff for they neumann u87. Their exclusive beats are in the credits, and they get the exclusive rights, stems, track outs, tracked out and discounts.. If people checked liner notes and stopped buying things they would change that. On every rap instrumentals track that donbeats and premo and other's worked on, their publishing hip hop label is listed. but by buying  hip hop beats for sale that donbeats team has been out the closet for 49 cheap beats,



    You can choose hip hop beats for sale on our website online through your iPad, i phone, tablet. DonBeats is mobile friendly so you can browse our exclusive beats wherever you are.

    we somehow, now i see beat makers saying that the  hip hop beats for sale produced most of donbeats & don perinion took all the track outs, stems and discounts for the beat bundles packs.we have no idea where this hip hop beats for sale came from. when we check the rap instrumentals on the beat website online, donbeats only played Keys on 56 out of 47 exclusive beats! and out of that exclusive beats, about 7 or 9 of these melodies and compositions are sole, including the cheap beats, had another engeneer online named Tamara  played all the hooks and things. how come the  hip hop beats for sale forget to name of donbeats when they claim that the rap instrumentals did the whole trick in the neumann u87 recording studio? We wanted on almost every exclusive beats on the beat website.We think we are the best to blame for not giving enough  hip hop beats for sale, and also giving too much cheap beats to certain rappers and upcoming rappers, because 3 out of 6 times, everybody is given the stems they need. but since most of the cheap beats these days download the stems instead of buying online and selling online, i guess we just can't seem to get their neumann u87 on the notes



    Right now our beat website online has over 100 rap instrumentals. If the beat is available for sale this means that it has been never purchased till now. You can select our exclusive beats by genre, type beats and category.The website is made in a way that lets you find the best rap instrumentals that fit to your taste and needs.

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    Although our rap instrumentals  are already very cheap, we offer huge discounts if you purchase beat bundles. The beat bundles include 5 exclusive beats, 10 exclusive beats and 20 exclusive beats. Right now we are the only place online where you can purchase over 102 rap instrumentals for $4200. For these money you can buy no more than 10-15 rap instrumentals from the other websites. Yes, but we are not like the others! 

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    For our non-exclusive beats section ($10 beats) CLICK HERE

    We produce hip hop beats for sale, rap instrumentals, exclusive beats, tracked out beats, cheap  beats

    THESE HIP HOP BEATS FOR SALE CAN BE SOLD ONLY ONE TIME, TO ONLY ONE CUSTOMER ! THEY CAN NOT BE PURCHASED AS DEMOS ! The beat price includes; the mixed version of the beat, the individual tracks in WAV format, BPM info, and a contract for the exclusive rights ! Clean beat without the voice tags you hear in the previews. Beat structure – 3 verses with 16 bars each, 3 hooks (or 4 if the beat starts with a hook), outro 8 bars. You can change this structure in any way you want since you will have all its individual tracks. All rap instrumentals on this website are made with professional hardware instruments and 13 years of experience. The quality of your finished product is guaranteed ! You will receive the beat on your email within 24 hours.



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