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Fresh Exclusive Beats

Exclusive beats, sold only to one customer and then disabled for purchase!

Jun 18  Beach Rap Bar

Jun 17  Shmurda Hood SOLD

Jun 14  Burj A La Rap

Jun 13  Icy Trap Murder

Jun 11  Mega Perinion SOLD

Jun 08  West Coast Angeles

Jun 02  Ocean 2015

May 30  Risk And Honour

May 26  Next Century Boiz

May 19  Bella Life

Fresh Demo Beats

Demo beats with instant download of the mix and tracks separated for only $9.90!

Oct 25, '09  Bounce 2010

May 20, '09  Hip Hop Directors

Mar 28, '09  Untouchable Lifestyle

Mar 20, '09  West Luv

Aug 23, '08  No Way Out

Jul 11, '08  Rowdy And Dirty

Feb 27, '08  Chin-Chin

Dec 23, '07  Good Vibes


What is DonBeats.com About?

It is about high quality, hip hop instrumentals you can purchase for a very affordable price in DonBeats.com's shop. A lot of time is spent so that the beats have a modern and professional sound (and not sound like a cheap old MIDI file).

We offer two distinct products:


Check them out in the exclusive beats browser!

Those are high quality, exclusive & royalty-free beats that you own after the purchase.

With exclusive beats, every purchase is unique, a hip hop beat is sold to one client, and then disabled for purchase. You can use the instrumental in your album, game, site, even movie if you wish.

To recap:

100% Exclusive Royalty-Free Hip Hop Beats!


The site uses mp3 as a format for the beat previews since it's handy for delivering audio over the Internet. But when you purchase a hip hop beat you get the full deal: 44.1 kHz, 16-bit stereo non-compressed wave file (CD format) which has widest compatibility with existing media players and CD burners.

With exclusive beats, you also get each track individually exported for further editing and remixing, and we can give you the 24-bit mix, or the original 32-bit mix for higher precision mixing. This is just what you would get in any professional studio.


You like a beat we offer, but you need some modifications?

No problem!

DonBeats.com™ offers a range of beat customization services for a small fee - change the tempo, track balance, rearrange the song structure, we'll be glad to tune the track to your preference! For questions, use our contact form.


If you need the beat and tracks in 24-bit or 32-bit formats, please contact us before you order. If not, we ship 16-bit sources (CD Quality), which are compatible with a wider range of devices and software.