Gucci Mane after jail is not the real Gucci Mane. Imposter, clone – see all the proofs here

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So here we have the strongest proofs about the imposter, double or clone gucci mane, this is a fake person that was “released from jail”.

Me, Don Perinion, the owner of the website and a hip hop producer, want to confirm that Gucci Mane who was released from the prison a month ago is NOT THE REAL GUCCI MANE – imposter, double or clone ! And I am not under the influence of any other opinions, conspiracies, cloning theories, Illuminati theories – NO. I don’t believe in anything before I prove it by myself, using my own consciousness, intelligence and logic! I So here is what I found by myself …
I can not be sure what is the reason for all these different persons we see each time – do they use some people who just look like Gucci Mane, imposters, or we’re seeing a clone created by unknown source – that can not be proved at this time. The cloning theory is very common in this case but we still don’t have any proofs that there is a human cloning developed.

First here is the comparison between the ears of the Gucci in 2012 and the ears of “Gucci Mane” imposter in June 2016. The forms of the ears of the human being CAN NOT be changed in any way including weight loss, fitness, personal development, changing of the way you speak, etc … Also how can a prison affects on your voice frequencies, speech, dialect, manners, moves, reactions and personal features ? And since when the imprisonment rejuvenates the prisoners and makes them look 10 years younger with feminine looks ? ? ?



NEW PROOF  for Gucci Mane – 26 December, 2016 – DonBeats


Yeah I can’t stop exposing these lying CLOWNS!

Totally different tattoos on their necks!

Click on the pics to see the full size.


gucci mane clone, imposter, fake, new proof 2 big



Here are the comparisons between the left ears of the old Gucci and the New Gucci imposter. Also notice the huge difference in the color of the skin.

The photos were taken from the following videos:
New video of “Gucci Mane” imposter June 2016

Old video of Gucci Mane 2012

NEW PROOF by DONBEATS that the new Gucci Mane is other person, imposter, clone or whatever this thing ……..The new Gucci Mane is appearing with different tattooed or PAINTED right hand ! Both frames are from the fake Gucci in “his mansion” lol !  On the photo i made you can clearly see the missing element in the middle of the tattoo. HAHAH LOL These suckers can’t even make an quality imposter, deputy of Gucci mane. Stupid clowns! Also the ice cream tattoo is melted again while “gucci mane” eats his rye grass .

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gucci mane clone, tattoo comparision, gucci mane imposter, fake gucci mane, proofs, evidence, guwop clone, wizop clone



Video sources –

MORE PROOFS – e different tattoos on his left hand! Left side – imposter’s hand, right side Gucci’s hand.

proof for gucci mane clone, gucci mane imposter, fake gucci mane, facts, wizop, guwop.



Gucci Mane – Waybach

Old photo of Gucci Mane


Click on the pic to see the full size

NEW PROOF from August 10th – body tattoos are totally different. Real Gucci is in right.

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The other proof that this person is not the real Gucci is the fact that in his latest appearances you can see him with and without the ice cream tattoo on his cheek !

For instance on this pic you can see the new “Gucci Mane” imposter in “his” new mansion with the tattoo on his face.


Here we’ll be hella surprised to see the tattoo is gone while this fake “Gucci” is walking around the pool in his new mansion.



Ok now we have the new replaced “Gucci” again sitting at the front of a white piano in his mansion where this time the mysterious tattoo has appeared on his cheek again …

Ooops here we got the fake Gucci imposter in his mansion again with the tattoo disappeared ……..

The fake “Gucci Mane” in his new mansion again without his tattoo.

The fake “Gucci Mane” on his homecoming concert (after releasing from the jail) with his fresh tattoo on his face again …

Here we have the ice cream melted again .

And here you can see the HUGE differences between the tattoo of the old Gucci and the tattoo of the new Gucci (the photo in front of the white piano)




ALSO – the first 2 things he started as projects right after his release from prison is to announce his own TV SHOW …what?…..Gucci the journalist? …. and the second thing is to record an mixtape with … DRAKE! NO WAY …..First you diss Drake on your twitter then recording an mixtape with him …Also the people who were officially filmed to visit him in his mansion were Drake, Mike Will, Young Thug and Zaytoven. Only one of those are really close to Gucci and this is Zaytoven. Where are his close friends like Young Scooter, Rocko …. Where is his mother ? ? ? All these facts are enough even for a retard to realize that this theater is just a SCAM!

I wanna say something about Zaytoven (gaytoven the clown), producer for Gucci mane. I respected Zaytoven as a musician and as a personality but from now on there will be no more respect for this rabbit! He’s been makin music with Gucci since 2005. They are really good friends. And when they screwed up the real Gucci mane and replaced him with an imposter Zaytoven decided to hide this scam and now claims that this is the real Gucci ! DISGUSTING! What a rabbit! This is a classic TRAITOR! He is recording and filming now with the imposter of Gucci and acting like this is his FRIEND Gucci mane, helping the feds to replace and hide an human being. Zaytoven is willing to record and film with a donkey, to screw up a friend just to get some cash – that’s a real SLAVE, all this man thinks is cash. F,,k Gaytoven, f,,k Drake da pussy, f,,k Mike will FADED, f,,k Young Thug – they aint MEN, they rabbits!

One imposter + 3 scared rats serving the feds.


One imposter + one scared rat


Video version of this Gucci Mane scam

New Gucci Mane –  Imposter, Double, Clone, Fake, Scam

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In an early release from prison penitentiary last year, the 37-year-old rapper came out with a fake slimmer body clone, a old promise to a healthy lifestyle, and even a new fake accent that can be a clone on his Snapchat stories. No the web quickly made note of these changes and eventually conceived one of the dumbest conspiracy theories in recent memory: the clone Gucci Mane is still in prison and was replaced with a government fake clone. The only thing whiter than the idea of a cloned Gucci is the sheer amount of fake people on the prison who believe it. The cloning were further fanned when a false quote from DonBeats stated he believes this “new” Gucci cloning to be real, citing an off vibe in the studio with Gucci. This accusations caught so much steam that fake Gucci imposter felt the need to address them via cloning, though he opted to “neither confirm or deny” being a clone. When more people in prison legitimately began to question what happened to the replaced Gucci, Donbeats gave out the illustrious “conspiracy of the Day” to all of those who believe the rumor.




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