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Added Name Price Len Description                                                               Preview Order
Feb 12, '08First Class Trip-4:08Another classic sound from Don Perinion.We're all about the first class - from beats to trips.SOLD
Feb 15, '08Luxury Style-4:17( UPDATED - 2008-05-20 )This smells of luxury and all extras.You got the South,you got the pimp sound and the result is this beat.SOLD
Feb 24, '08Major Muzik-4:17The beat smells of a summer.This would be a tasty food for an artists like Jay-Z,Kanye,Pharrell,Mase and Polow Da Don.The fools hate when you're happy,so we're happy cause we hate the fools.SOLD
Feb 28, '08Heatmaker-4:02( UPDATED - 2008-02-01) One of the DonBeats trade mark styles ! It's not just a bounce beat,it's a crazy bounce with ethnic vocals. For y'all who like the good club hip hop.SOLD
Mar 01, '08I Wanna-4:01This instrumental is real greedy.It wants everything.The sound is grimy,something like the new "old school".SOLD
Mar 04, '08Baller 2008-3:54OK get ready for da playa dance.The club is gettin mad and dirty.DonBeats - we don't sleep ! SOLD
Mar 06, '08Jacuzzi Party-4:15We're back homies !We got some pimpin muzic for y'all.That's the playaz party !Pop that Crystal,grab these women,jump in the jacuzzi and pump this beat.SOLD
Mar 07, '08The Boss Snapping-3:58( UPDATED - 2008-05-19)Ok.You'll hear a bossy,club beat right here.The style is haughty,the sound is 2010 ... SOLD
Mar 11, '08Heavy Rider-4:27It's the lions hip hop.Heavy,riding muzik.The feeling is "All eyes on me" ... Now jump in the Hammer and pump this beat.All the orchestration is played by -> Don Perinion.SOLD
Mar 11, '08Like A Predator-4:20( UPDATED - 2008-05-19)Whut up!The beat is so predatory that we had to name it "Like A PREDATOR" ! You betta stay away cause it's too danger ...Lion's hip hop. All the orchestration is played by - > Don Perinion.SOLD
Mar 12, '08Chilly South Chips-4:16This is a dirty south ghetto.The sound is club,sexy and angry.This baby has everything ...SOLD
Mar 16, '08Disorder In Da Block-3:43What you gonna hear is a style called by Don Perinion "crazy ghetto".It's hard,dark and only for the hood ! SOLD
Mar 18, '08That's How I Dream-4:10This baby right here is like Frank Sinatra in the hip hop.The sound is 2008 but somehow brings you in the 70's or in the "good fellas" time.One love.SOLD
Mar 20, '08Hip Hop Maserati-4:09This is the hip hop that they wanna hear in the club.Another luxury style produced in a luxury lab.SOLD
Mar 24, '08Turbo Compressor-4:20( UPDATED - 2008-04-25 )Another club injection for the playaz.It sounds mighty,flashy and hi-fi.That's how Don Perinion heats his synthesizers ! SOLD

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