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To be Sold to Only One Customer:

All beats you see below will be sold only to one customer and then disabled for purchase!

Added Name Price Len Description                                                               Preview Order
Oct 08, '07Black Cigar-4:25( UPDATED - MORE BOUNCE - 2007-10-14)The pimp style of 2008.Put The Game on this beat and the rest will be easily ... SOLD
Oct 06, '09Diamond Digger-4:25New West Coast swag on DonBeats. If you want a featuring with Snoop, The Game or Dre but you don't have a suitable beat and you don't want to empty your piggy bank then check this out.SOLD
Apr 27, '10Dirty Marmalade-4:25Dirty South jam. 4 bars intro + 8 bars hook. Please someone to switch on the air conditioners in the club ! SOLD
May 11, '10Every Night Is The Same-4:25Street style, south vibes, G-code ... 8 bars intro. SOLD
Jun 19, '10West 101-4:25After a little rest, we're back with that West Coast hammer. Fresh air from Cali. Dre will need something like this for his long-awaited "Detox". SOLD
Jul 10, '15Princes With Stack$-4:25 Pimped south. For southern princes only ! SOLD
May 06, '14Platinum Drops-4:25So icy sound. As you already know - we don't like compromises. All beats are produced by Don Perinion. OneSOLD
May 01, '14Love Or Hit-4:25Heavy urban instrumental. Rolls Royce music. All beats are produced by Don Perinion. One ! SOLD
Sep 12, '05Knock Knock-4:26The Don keeps knockin' the drum machine until it breaks, and keeps makin' these club joints. Another crazy track from DonBeats and we proudly present it.SOLD
Feb 19, '09Undercover Boss-4:26Heavy,bossin' beat with deep west coast sound.Music for untouchables.SOLD
Jun 10, '08Platinum Rappers-4:26( UPDATED - 2008-06-16)Commercial explosion,a smell of platinum and bouncing bubble gums.That's how we like it.SOLD
Jun 26, '08The G Code-4:26( MAD UPDATE - 2008-06-30)For the artists who like the slow,heavy rappin'.Untouchable and original hip hop with some southern feeling.Don Perinion implanted the G code right here.One love to all our homies who use our music !SOLD
Aug 17, '08My Heart-4:26Another hypnotist from Don Perinion.Deep,clear and crystal street beat. SOLD
May 30, '10West Coast Weekend-4:26Ask your kicks if they're ready for some C-Walking. We're back with that classic West Coast sound. Why don't you invite the legendary WC for this beat ... ? 8 bars intro . SOLD
Dec 11, '11La West Coasta Nostra-4:26Swarovski beat for the L.A clubs. Don't pay thousands to sound good ! We can make our friends to feel comfortable everywhere - south, west, east ... Beyond the mind ! For reservations please email us.SOLD

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