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To be Sold to Only One Customer:

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Added Name Price Len Description                                                               Preview Order
Jun 12, '09Kiss My Prada-3:35( UPDATED - 2009-07-20)It's stylish and bouncy. It's a Prada bounce. Much love to our people, street heroes and Hollywood playas. DonBeats !SOLD
Jun 18, '09Y.M.I So Hot-3:35Another heat for the clubs.If you need some swagger music - > check this out ... SOLD
Jun 16, '08Fools And Wars-3:37( UPDATED - 2008-05-20)The war is in this beat.It's warlike,grimy and gangsta.Orchestration by Don Perinion.Too many fools create wars and violence ... One love ! SOLD
Nov 18, '05Supa Hyphie-3:40A classic West Coast fleshy banger. Chill out Cali flavour. Just imagine Kurupt on it ... SOLD
Mar 08, '06Steppin In The Klub-3:40 The sound of the clubs. That's a mainstream, new skul beat. It sounds like heavy, heavy steps - just like when you're steppin in the club... SOLD
Apr 13, '06Ghetto V.I.P 2006-3:40The bounce is back. This baby sounds bouncy and raw. It's like a hard knockin on your door. A Neptunes kind of beat, but it doesn't cost thousands $... SOLD
Jul 10, '06Ultra Reactive-3:40Ou this bounce is like back in da future. Need for speed, need for clubs, need for trucks. Veeery raw chorus!SOLD
Nov 12, '12Blow My Bamboo-3:40Crazy club.SOLD
Mar 22, '05Bentley Style-3:42Hip hop featuring Rock, this shakes asses.SOLD
Jul 20, '08West Coast's Finest-3:42Another delicious barbecue with west coast sound!We offer music for hip hop stars no matter if you're famous or not.We take reservations for all our beats ! SOLD
Feb 28, '09Golden Ryda-3:42( UPDATED ! 2009-03-02 )Another professional hip hop beat for ridin' and clubbin'.SOLD
Mar 16, '08Disorder In Da Block-3:43What you gonna hear is a style called by Don Perinion "crazy ghetto".It's hard,dark and only for the hood ! SOLD
Mar 29, '08Sin City-3:43( UPDATED - 2008-05-19)The bounce is here again.If you don't know what's the smell of platinum just hear this thing.Protect yourself from the fireworks.SOLD
Jun 20, '08One Mic And One Love-3:43We attack the streets again.Emotional,street style is what we have here.OneSOLD
Jun 29, '08Irrepressible Club-3:43When the summer is here,the cocktails are ice and the hip hop clubs are full of pretty girls and stuntin playaz it's time for something like this ...SOLD

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