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This page is dedicated to our customers, rap artists,  and their success in using beats produced by Don Perinion in albums and performances. If you are a customer of DonBeats who wants to be on this page, please contact us!

In the past 12 years DonBeats has been worked with hundreds of rap artists! Here we will present  just some of the people we have worked with.


Rap Artists



ken retro

The hip hop wonder Kenn Retro used two music compositions produced by Don Perinion (DonBeats). The songs are called ‘Benji’s” and “Legends” and are featured in his album “The ID EGO & SUPEREGO”. You can find the album here The Id Ego and Superego Also check out his Facebook Kenn Retro

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drop top muisic

Doug-E, top class artist from Texas. He bought one of our exclusive beats and  just killed it with his flow and nice vocals.

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Marx Sickmind and Tu P are using a beat by Don Perinion in their song “March is Long”. Find them on Facebook – TU P and Marx SickMind

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Herra Harmaus

herra harmaus

Rap artist from Finland recorded 6 songs using beats produced by Don Perinion. All of his songs are mixed and mastered by Don Perinion. Here you can check all of his tracks Herra Harmaus YouTube Channel

I am Herra Harmaus, starting underground artist from Finland. In Finnish Herra Harmaus means, Mr. Greyness, rooting to depression I am experiencing. My music sounds like what I feel. It delivers emotional feelings without knowing the language. I like to make music, which has got a purpose.
My friend Eerik is my sound assistant. He is featuring singing artist and takes care of the recording process.

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Jimmy Z ATL

Jimmy Z ATL picked one of our beats for his song “Digital Gangsta”. You can check it out here >


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eric james

Eric James of Changed Man Productions is using several compositions produced by Don
Perinion in his new album “My Life”. The mission of Changed Man Productions is to
empower inner city youth to become leaders of character, vision and action in their
communities by challenging their creativity and equipping them with the skills and
the motivation to become a Product of C.H.O.I.C.E.

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arlora brock

Gospel artist Arlora Brock has used one of our instrumentals for her first single “Child of God” Find her on Facebook – Arlora Brock

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JML is using five joints produced by Don Perinion for an album full of soul-punching music with a new style and sound! “Jabiru Landing” is the perfect mix of soft and hard styles, with strong, powerful lyrics to move your heart and mind.
Keep your head bouncin’ to a smooth flow that is upbeat and positive. It’s hip-hop music for ’em all.

Rap Artists

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