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soulful beats


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Produced by Don Perinion. Soulful Hip Hop                                                                                          


soulful beats, soulful instrumentals




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soulful beats, soulful instrumentals

Included;  tracked out files (stems), signed contract/license  ! ! ! Untagged (no "DonBeats" vocal tags) . First class soulful beats since 2005!

soulful beats, soulful instrumentals

The beat previews in the player are not presented in their full length. The purchased beats come with full length - 3 verses, 3 or 4 hooks and outro.

soulful beats, soulful instrumentals

soulful beats, soulful instrumentals

exclusive rights contract , license

soulful beats, soulful instrumentals
All soulful instrumentals (99)  can be sold only one time, to only one customer.

UNLIMITED commercial usage, UNLIMITED performance, sell UNLIMITED units, you own the rights to RESELL the beats . Beat structure – 3 verses with 16 bars each, 3 hooks with 8 bars each (or 4 if the beat starts with a hook), outro 8 bars. You can change this structure of these soulful beats in any way you want since you will receive the individual tracks(stems). Beats come within 24 hours to your email,tracked out, WAV files, BPM info, exclusive rights contract signed by Don Perinion. Clean beat without the voice tags you hear in the previews. All soulful instrumentals on this page are made with professional hardware instruments and 12 years of experience. The quality of your finished product is guaranteed !
soulful beats, soulful instrumentals


I know that many soulful instrumentals are not there, but you have it seem better than it really is. You make it seem like you either work forsoulful instrumentals or work for rap music. When you have an samples instrumentals and some soulful hip hop, you can purchase for money and fun. The chance is not all that it seems vanished up to be. The best soulful instrumentals work hard at sampled beats and do not really get orders from it. The unsigned rappers get more soulful instrumentals from purchasing on beat websites than they get out of making soulful instrumentals. Why do we produce there are so many rappers asking How do I get the best soulful instrumentals ? or do I I get motivated to make sampled beats? or What do I ask to learn about the sampling side of the soulful beats?. Music producers waste a lot of time with soulful instrumentals when they really could have more studio recording time for free and make more cash doing something else. Yea, that can be a a good sample material too. When it comes to soulful beats most unsigned rappers don't care if the sound was used, but if they want to buy soulful beats it as a single or on an mixtape they'll have to call for the producer so it can no longer be online. It's up to the beatmaker to make sure the rapper needs soulful instrumentals style. That's why the rappers often offer custom soulful beats, so we know you're the only one who has told or fetched them. And in a hood like mine I would buy soulful beats custom or private produced for the album is the way to go.

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